PMstudy is a Project Management Institute (PMI)® Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.). Our  Project Management Professional (PMP)® and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® courses are based on
A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide) 6th Edition.

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PMP Training, PMP Certification
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About PMstudy:PMP Certification Prep Institute

PMP Training, PMP Certification
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PMP Training, PMP Certification
PMP Training, PMP Certification
PMP Training, PMP Certification
PMP Training, PMP Certification
PMP Training, PMP Certification

PMstudy Faculty For US and Canada Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®/Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam Prep Boot Camps

The success of any classroom training boot camp greatly depends on the proficiency of the instructor. We owe our high success rate (98.7%*) and consistently great student feedback to the quality of our instructors. All our instructors are PMP certified with an average project management work experience of 15+ years in areas like Information Technology, Construction, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing etc. Their practical examples and real life personal experiences make it easier for students to understand and appreciate complex project management concepts.

Before teaching any PMstudy boot camp, each instructor goes through a rigorous PMstudy "Train the Trainer" program about adult learning techniques required to make their classes interesting, enjoyable and enriching. An average PMstudy faculty has more than 400 hours of PMP Teaching Experience in successfully delivering PMstudy boot camps.

We would like you to go through the profiles of our faculty - and you will agree with us that no other PMP Exam Prep training provider has the quality of faculty as we do. (Some low quality PMP Training institutes do not even mention the names of their faculty in their websites!)

Alexis Carnegie-Dunham

"The information was well presented by Alexis" - Jim Robellard, Plymouth Tube Company

"Alexis knew content well and was willing to discuss any questions or comments." - Kirk Smith, York Telecom

"Alexis kept the class focused without discouraging questions and discussions that were relevant to the goal" - Bruce R Savag

In her 15 years of project management experience, Alexis has held several project positions including project manager, sub-project manager, subject matter expert, continuous improvement lead and assistant project manager. Working in different industries including retail, manufacturing and utilities has given her a broad range of experience in project management. Combined with an Engineering degree from the University of Michigan, Alexis has leveraged her PMP certification to successfully conduct traditional classroom and computer based training to audiences of executives and managers. Making project management a priority in her career, she has acquired specialized experience in building and working with virtual teams, statistical process control techniques and measurement system analysis.

PMstudy Instructors

Ali Abo-Laban

"Ali Abo-Laban always answered questions, instilled confidence in us. The class was never boring (i.e. not just reading the PMBOK® Guide (A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge))."- Brendan Hooley, Dell

"Ali's class was excellent. I feel much more confident about taking the test." - Donna Renee Cook

"Ali was knowledgeable and was able to answer our questions thoroughly." - Stephanie Middlerbrooks, Science Applications International Corporation

Ali is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with extensive work experience in managing projects for the wireless telecommunication industry for companies like AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, General Dynamics Wireless Division, etc. His responsibilities include; overseeing all tasks related to the construction of wireless sites including identifying feasible sites, utility availability as well as coordination with A/E, environmental teams and site acquisition in support of acquiring a site, overseeing vendor performance and reporting milestone status on daily basis and successfully meeting critical company/client build plan, budget and quality. Ali holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Wentworth Institutes of Technology in Boston, Massachusetts.

PMstudy Instructors

Audrey Phillips

"Audrey is excellent. She has a great ability of presenting difficult information." - Rebecca Mittica, MW Industries Inc.

"Audrey is knowledgeable instructor. I really liked her teaching methodology including fast pace, flexibility, chapter quizzes, reinforcing homework, mind mapping." - Jim Walke, Virginia Bioinformatics Institute at Virginia Tech

"Audrey welcomed participation and was very nice to offer email or call back for questions." - Elizabeth Goltz, Beacon Midwest

Audrey Phillips is a certified Project Management Professional with over 11 years' rich experience in project management. Audrey has managed IT implementation projects in several U.S. Metropolitan school districts and is currently employed as a manufacturing project manager and technology engineer responsible for the development of end-of-line test and validation software for computer interface device and electronic production facilities located in Zhuhai, China and Juarez, Mexico. Audrey holds a B.S. degree in Telecommunications Management from DeVry University and a Master's in Project Management from Keller Graduate School of Management.

PMstudy Instructors

Barbara Siefken

"Barbara did an exceptional job in helping me understand the concepts better. Thanks to Barbara, who gave me confidence to take the exam immediately after the course." - Paula kleiman, Facey Medical Foundation

"The pace of Barbara's class was good and flowed well. She was great and was able to control other students when needed in a nice way." - Max Sabo

"Barbara made a normally dry subject engaging and fun." - Adam Erskine, Airborne Systems

For the last 20 years, Barbara has applied her software and project management skills in product development, quality assurance, and sales. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Stony Brook University and a Master's in Computer Science from NYU-Poly. She is a certified Math 7-12 teacher, and has spent a year as a visiting professor on loan to Southern University. Projects at Texaco, Bell Laboratories, and Tektronix ranged from designing the STI graphics system to leading the QA program for the TDS oscilloscope project. More recently, she has helped a handful of startups to introduce new products and expand their markets. Barbara enjoys collaborating and is an active member of the Portland Chapter of Project Management Institute (PMI)® and the Lake Oswego ARES emergency communications team. Other training pursuits include the Entrepreneurial Edge, Dale Carnegie, and Miller Heiman.

PMstudy Instructors

Bryan Lee Perez

Bryan is a certified Project Management Professional. Mr. Perez has been managing IT projects for more than ten years.

He has worked on a wide variety of projects and programs in both Mexico and the US. Mr. Perez holds a double B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Soft Systems from Monterrey Tech Institute of Technology and a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Texas Pan-Am.

Pmstudy Bryan lee

Buddy Peacock

"Thanks to Buddy for a nice preparation. I passed my PMP exam " - Joseph Laken, PMP

"Thank you Buddy for your encouragement. It was nice to take the class and I believe it made a huge difference for me." - Elizabeth Ogonga, PMP

Buddy is a multifaceted senior Information Technology professional with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Having been an MIS Director for an eye wear manufacturing company as well as founding and having a hands-on leadership role in an application software development firm, Buddy's experience in managing software development projects covers a broad spectrum of the methodologies that exist in that arena. His confident "face of technology" clearly communicates technology value propositions to senior internal and external stakeholders. He is a customer focused leader who ensures industry-leading levels of customer satisfaction and is a highly motivational team builder, coach, and mentor who forges top-performing, committed and organized personnel, with superior retention rates.

Pmstudy Buddy Peacock

Charles J. Quansah

"Charles is a great instructor. He ensured that all the concepts were understood and that all students were well-prepared for the PMP certification exam. His teaching methodology was excellent. I would strong recommend PMStudy and Mr.Quansah to my colleagues." - Leslie Gray, El Paso Corporation

"Charles is an excellent instructor who has immeasurable wealth of knowledge, impeccable humility and respect. He is a star instructor" - Jackson Ibironke

"Charles is a very good instructor. He welcomed questions, participated in sharing candidate's logical thought process and helped them realize the correct answer" - Britt Heisig, Carlotta Sciences International

Charles has over 14 years of experience in the field of Information Technology and Business Operations Management. Having worked on numerous projects with diverse groups of cross-functional professionals in both private and public sectors, he brings a unique blend of practical hands-on and coaching experience in managing projects through all its phases. Some of the companies he has worked for include Gannett-USA Today, Ritz Camera, and most recently Marriott International. In his current job where he serves as the Director of Information Systems, he is responsible for coordinating all Information Technology initiatives and managing a portfolio for projects directed at achieving the organization's strategic Information Technology objectives.

Charles holds a B. Sc. Information Systems from University of Phoenix and Master's in Information and Telecommunications Systems from the Johns Hopkins University. He also holds professional industry certifications in four disciplines including the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI).

PMstudy Instructors

Corey T. Bailey

"Corey was a fantastic instructor. His interactivity kept my attention throughout" - Ethan Dodd, The Ross Group Construction Corp.

"I enjoyed the instructor who was very hands on and ensured that the class thoroughly understood the concepts and principles." - Jacquelyn Jackson, Accenture

"Great instructor- really knew the material. Good class interaction." - Michelle Gordon, Dell

For over 20 years, Corey has been directing the delivery of IT services in customer facing roles. He has been a successful manager, coach, project manager, vendor manager and process change agent in small business and Fortune 500 environments. Corey has a track record of improving profitability and customer satisfaction with a focus on analytics and strong team work in challenging environments. He has been recognized for his contributions in the delivery of large project implementations on time and within budget by managing performance and closely tracking results. Corey has held executive management positions at ICL PLC, Fujitsu and JDL Technologies.

Pmstudy Corey

Elizabeth Lynne Warren

"Lynne has good knowledge about Project Management. I learned more in four days than in the three years at my employer" - Dawn Wright, Westinghouse Electric

"Lynne is an excellent instructor. She broke down concepts into simpler or more understood ideas. Great examples from her past experience, made things come to life." - Laura Startzenbach, HP

"Lynne was very helpful with the tricks and tips she provided to read the questions and the hints which she gave to help remember difficult concepts. I am thoroughly impressed by her knowledge through all the volumes of data she has gone through" - Holly Jordan, Taconic

Lynne has extensive experience coming from management and project related positions in a variety of industries which include: public utilities, technology, landscaping, residential construction, magazine publishing, and finally independent consulting. She is highly skilled in employee management, career planning, and development. Her strength and proficiency were demonstrated in playing a key role on major projects including assembling and leading effective teams. She has enhanced her knowledge by doing professional development courses such as Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program, Facilitative Leadership, Psychology of Supervision, Intervention Skills, Team Problem Solving, Technical Writing, and Distribution Field Engineering Training Program. She has gained her Bachelor's in Business Administration from the American InterContinental University and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

PMstudy Instructors

Eric Carter

"Thanks Eric! I credit my success to you, the class, study guide and practice tests. Definitely could not have done it without your help." - Bill Kerr, PMP

Eric Carter is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with over 15 years of experience as a business owner, project manager and consultant in various fields including law, auto industry and banking. His varied experience has given him a unique understanding of both project and program management. Eric holds a bachelor's degree in business economics and a juris doctorate.

Pmstudy Eric Carter

Frances M. J. Tessler

"Frances was very focused on strategies to excel on test. All of us left the class with confidence." - Adam Gubitosi, USAF Retired

"Frances taught at a great pace. She covers all material and clarified how to think to pass the test. She will force you to think in the PMI mind-set. Her passion, experience and desire for you to pass was evident." - Gary Hess, NewPage Corporation

"Frances has a great ability of breaking things down to a manageable level. Test taking strategy was excellent." - Terry Burns, EMC Corporation

Frances Tessler has been a project manager for the past 20 years. She has expertise in process improvements for system applications and general operations departments. She has managed both IT and administrative projects. Her biggest project challenge was in working with a software company to create a GUI that would allow an eligibility department to process paper applications with 99% accuracy and then creating an audit process to insure accuracy of data in the data warehouse. She greatly enjoys the problem solving and networking that project management brings to the table.

PMstudy Instructors

Jaimie M. Rush

"Jaimie was clear, concise, and knowledgeable and stayed on track. She managed the limited time duration very well and never wasted time." - Troy Ostboe

"Jaimie is a great Instructor. She went into great detail to explain things we had questions on. She also gave me great tips that helped me memorize things." - Tanya Curry, Medtronic

"Jaimie is a wonderful teacher. Her class was intense and full of great information." - Laura Patterson, Farmers Insurance

Jaimie M. Rush, MBA, PMP, ITIL is a dynamic executive and certified project leader (PMP)® with over 15 years of service in the field of project management and holds an MBA degree from Brigham Young University. Rush's work experience includes organizing, prioritizing, planning and executing a diverse range of high-visibility, high-risk, million dollar initiatives in the areas of product launch/development, product redesign, system implementations, corporate/sales events and process/operational improvements. A strong project leader with focus on project management principles, guidelines and methodology. Jaimie currently holds the position of Vice President, Planning and Business Development at the Los Angeles News Group and is a part-time instructor for the University of La Verne, University of Redlands and PMstudy.

PMstudy Instructors

Jill Reynolds

"Thanks Jill. I was nervous, but anxious to have it done. Finally I passed PMP Exam." - Marilyn Zumbro, PMP

Jill Reynolds has spent the majority of her career working for start-up companies. She believes one of the greatest advantages of working for a small start-up is the ability to build and implement project management processes and procedures where none exists. She most recently held the position of Director of Project Management at a company that creates online account opening websites for financial institutions. Previously, she worked with insurance companies to automate claims handling through web-based systems. Jill graduated with an MBA from the University of Memphis through an Executive program.

PMstudy Instructors

Jose Nunez
PMP, Ph.D., P.E.

"I appreciate Jose's help in preparing for this exam. The class and his teaching style were integral to my success. Even three weeks later, I was able to perform well on the exam with the preparation." - Michael Mosley,Horizon Ag-Products

"Thank you so much for helping me.You are a very good teacher." - Lisa Stanton,Innovative Consulting Group

Dr. Nunez has 16 years of Project Management experience in the Aerospace industry. Over the course of his 23 years career, he has performed in multiple leadership & engineering roles working with government, contractor and university personnel across the U.S. and other countries such as Brazil, Canada, Japan, Russia and many countries in Europe. He received his Bachelor's in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Florida (UF), and Master's and Doctorate in Industrial Engineering from the University of Central Florida (UCF). He teaches as an Adjunct Professor at nearby Universities and is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Florida.

PMstudy Instructors

Karen Lyncook

"Karen is great instructor. She presented the material in a clear and concise manner which made it easy to learn. She also provided many examples which aided us in grasping complex knowledge areas." - Danny Najm, Standards Council of Canada

"Karen has a very clean and easy to understand structured approach. She is a knowledgeable adaptive instructor with ability to take individuals into attention." - Geoffrey Beers, LoyaltyOne

"In Karen's class, there was lot of interaction between the students and the teacher. We learned in a fun like environment." - Khalid Khan, Research In Motion Limited

Having over 14 years of experience working on many projects has provided Karen with a broad spectrum of project management knowledge and skills. Her background encompasses managerial positions in project management, client services, procurement, data collection, and editing in the publishing, manufacturing, and printing industries. Her main focus has been on developing, implementing, and improving company-wide processes and procedures. Karen has an honors degree in Psychology from the University of Waterloo, and a Master's certificate in project management from the Schulich Executive Education Centre.

PMstudy Instructors

Lachlan McGurk

"Hi Lachlan, I just finished my exam. Thanks for being an excellent coach/mentor/teacher! Without you, I know I would have failed." - Sean Craig, PMP

"Thanks again for your help, I would not have made it without your help!" - Susan Hayman, PMP

"Thanks again for the excellent job teaching the course. You can really drive a lot of work with humour. The course for me was important - if not the difference between passing and failing, then certainly the difference between just passing and facing it. It made the test a much less stressful experience" - Bryan Mallinson, PMP, Scotiabank

After starting his career with twelve years of service in the Royal Air Force, Lachlan has developed over a decade of experience leading large corporate IT projects within the automotive industry, for a global tier one supplier. Lachlan, a Project Management Professional (PMP), has served as a Technical Services manager, and his deep knowledge within the IT Technical Services field, coupled with his project management skills has helped him to carry out many successful IT projects, leading both virtual teams, and cross-functional co-located teams with Agile based projects. Working for a large leading global manufacturing company has also enabled Lachlan to develop a strong practical knowledge of Six Sigma, Kaizen, and other Lean methodologies.

PMstudy Instructors

Magaline D. Harvey

"Magaline was amazing and her teaching methodology was great." - Carla Disconzi Seitenfus, AGCO

"Magaline presented everything in a logical way and helped us understand what was important to pass the test." - Pam Meiners, Hilton Worldwide

"Magaline's class was excellent. She is extremely knowledgeable. She is very good at explaining and rewording ideas." - Tim Daly, DOM & TOM

Magaline Harvey is a hands-on, results-driven business and technology leader with 10 years of experience and has a successful record of working with companies ranging from start-up operations to Fortune 500 global entities. Her broad-based expertise includes project management consulting services to private and public businesses. She has been recognized as an empowering motivator and mentor with a unique blend of technical depth, interpersonal strengths, and business savvy; adept at building and leading diverse cross-functional teams and matrix management of complex projects.

PMstudy Instructors

Mike Tomaszewski

"Mike is a very good instructor. He is very knowledgeable and I will recommend him for future group training opportunities." - Kelly Howe, KLH Consultants, Inc.

"Mike did an excellent job of presenting the information in an easy to understand and engaging manner. I would strongly recommend his class to my colleagues and friends." - Kimberly Thompson, Ricoh Americas Corporation

Mike had spent the majority of his career with Motorola (Cellular Telecommunications) in South-East Asia. He was an expat for 7 years (Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines) and travelled back and forth for an additional five years. He has always interfaced with the customers and trained them on the new features and technologies as they came to market. He has been responsible for many large projects through all phases of the project and involving all levels of engineering. Many times his valuable assistance was sought in an existing project to get it back on track.

PMstudy Instructors

Michele Fath

"I finally took the PMP exam today for the first time and passed. I appreciate the test taking skills presented by Michele. I would just say that Michele made us look at things differently than from my 18 years of Project Management experience in the field, which was helpful." - Steve Phillips

"I passed the PMP exam! It's a great feeling and I would like to thank Michele for all her help." - Tom Salamat,Navigation Solutions

Michele Fath has over 11 years of project management and execution experience. She has used the PM methodology to support successful project completion in many industries like financial, manufacturing, technology and healthcare. The types of process improvement projects which she has implemented include application evaluation and proof of concept, supply chain gap analysis, sourcing methodology and execution, shared services analysis for goodness of fit amongst others. Michele has also helped clients develop their own project management standards based on the PMP methodology. Her motto is "Plan the work, work the plan, and believe in the process".

PMstudy Instructors

Mimi LaRaque

"Mimi is a great Instructor. She highlighted what we needed to know, provided tips/tricks and we had fun as we learned. It was an interactive and small class." - Barbara Sapp, Hewlett-Packard

"Mimi was very thorough and very motivational throughout the class." - Jessica Stanicki, PerkinElmer

"Loved Mimi. She is the best instructor. She extends herself even after class with questions." - Manju Parikh

"Mimi was very comprehensive in covering all material related to PMP exam. She made it very comfortable and easy to comprehend the various topics." - Aeysha Zulfiqar , Celgene

Certified Project Management Professional with over 15 years of experience, Mimi LaRaque has extensive experience in leading cross-functional, global teams to successfully deliver large scale systems for increased efficiency, improved productivity, ROI and decision-making capabilities. Her expertise includes proactive leadership, working closely with all levels of management from steering committee through line management, outstanding influence in fostering partnerships with customers and peer organizations through collaboration, decision making, conflict management, and resolution. She is well versed in ERP implementations such as Oracle. She has worked in the telecommunications, publishing, pension, and manufacturing industries.

PMstudy Instructors

Richard Mather

"Richard gave a lot of real life examples and good insight on test and questions." - Christopher Dutton, JBS

"Richard's instructions were very detailed. He provided a lot of knowledge and easy to remember techniques." - Lydia Modrzewski, LexisNexis

"Richard was very knowledgeable, attentive, helpful, prompt and organized like a PMP master" - Deanna Pugel, New Directions Behavioral Health

Richard Mather is an accomplished manufacturing engineer with extensive experience in the high tech manufacturing environment and managing projects. In addition, he has been involved with regulatory labeling and RoHS/WEEE compliance (Restriction of Hazardous Waste and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment directives). An Electronics Engineering graduate and Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Rick has expertise in all facets of the project life cycle. He has worked on international assignments from the establishment of a configuration center in Dundalk, Ireland to licensing a manufacturing facility in Oslo, Norway with Tandberg Data. He has spent the last several years launching new products for companies such as IBM, Sun Microsystems, HP and Dell into the manufacturing environment in Penang, Malaysia. This gives him a great perspective on virtual teams and working across cultures.

PMstudy Instructors

Ross Sieg

"Ross structured the class pretty well in a methodical way. His discussion on the questions was very helpful, especially when he provided real-world experience stories to further clarify a point." - Rob Eisemon, Edward Hospital

"Mr.Ross Sieg did a great job of leading the class through the material. He handled the iterative nature with as much grace as possible. I would recommend others to his course." -Jeff Fryberger, CCI Group

"Ross was very knowledgeable. I really liked the pace of his class." - Travis Hill, Tulalip Data Services

Ross has over 30 years of experience in project, program and systems management. He has led teams of corporate and third party resources in multi-million and multi-year projects for Fortune 500 companies in the areas of manufacturing, freight, retail, banking, healthcare, and criminal justice. In addition to his accomplishments in planning, project guidance, and improving operational efficiencies, Ross has been described as someone whose "patience with people and ability to adapt his teaching style make him a good coach and mentor". Ross holds a B.A. in Computer Science from Western Washington University, and is PMP and ITIL service desk certified professional.

PMstudy Instructors

Sandra A Strech

"Sandra had a nice helpful & caring attitude. The pace at which she conducted the class was perfect" - Melissa Biancardi, Amerigroup

"Great class. Sandra's teaching methods keep the students engaged and aware. Perhaps the best crash course time ever had" - William Mueller, OTO Melara North America

"Sandra's teaching methodology was key. The examples, highlighting of important items and knowing which items were focus areas in exam helped" - Ashley Gordon, AMERIGROUP

"Sandra seemed very thorough; small size class made for good participation and learning. The instructor was very encouraging" - Christopher Keipper, Sevenson Environmental Service, Inc.

Sandra Strech has 15 years of experience in the field of project management. She has developed federal and local government programs in health, human services and education. She developed an award winning HIV Care Act program for the State of Illinois and wrote a Master's degree program for Southern Illinois University. She created the Office of Institutional Research and Reports for Kishwaukee College. In San Diego, she developed a Department of Education program for the San Diego State University Foundation before working with the County of San Diego. She served as a Contract Manager developing a transportation program for senior citizens and working with technology services to improve IT systems there. Later she developed a Process Management Program for the Health and Human Services Agency, creating and providing trainings including a 'Project Management Boot Camp.' Sandra holds a Master's degree in Public Administration with majors in Program Evaluation and Human Resources Management and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. In addition to her PMP, Sandra is a Certified Community Transit Manager.

PMstudy Instructors

Scott Ferrin

"The pace of Scott's class was great. He gave us just the right detail of information." - Michael Magalsky, Micron Technologies, Inc.

"Scott provided a great depth of information. The homework he gave us was long but very useful." - Dana Boesen, IO

"Scott's class was engaging, energetic, and very helpful. He communicates very well and paced the class nicely. I really enjoyed it." - Gregory Koprowicz, Independent contractor

A leader in developing project management focus in non-project management oriented companies, Scott Ferrin has 15 years of experience in project management. Scott has worked, led and delivered project outcomes in financial services, education, and mining. He has expertise in the key phases of project development including initiating and planning. His ability, to think strategically about the impact of a project and the potential stakeholders affected, has led to recognition as a key strategic partner with HR functions. Scott has led project management focused training in previous roles, and has provided strategy training. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and an MBA. In addition to his PMP certification, he is a Senior Professional in Human Resources.

PMstudy Instructors

Scott Hamilton

"Scott's attitude was great. His class was very well organized." - Brandon Bennett, Sierra Nevada Corporation

"Scott kept the training fun and the material interesting. Scott was very supportive and reassuring. He is a great coach." - Randy Bries, Genova Technologies, Inc.

"Scott's instruction methodology is exceptional. Scott is one of best instructors I have had in any academic training." - John Traughber, CW-CRE-PGE

Scott is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with over 15 years of experience in the disciplines of classroom training, business analysis and re-engineering, process consultation, and operational management. Scott worked for over 20 years at California State Automobile Association where his projects and training programs encompassed a diverse range of specialized areas such as IT, Mobile technology, Support Services and web-portal implementation. Scott holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Sacramento State University where he studied theatre directing and production. Scott incorporates his theatre, business, and training background to provide his students with a learning experience that is both educational and entertaining. Scott says, "I enjoy all aspects of teaching and take pride in bringing such a valuable set of project management tools and processes to our business professionals."

To learn more about Scott, visit his LinkedIn profile

PMstudy Instructors

Scott Johnson

"I'm an official PMP now! I passed my test. Thanks for your help Scott!" - Candace Collins,National Government Services

"Scott's class was a big help, and I'm convinced that I would not have passed the test without it." - Peter Hudson,First Data Commercial Services

Scott is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with over 15 years of project management experience in the fields of engineering and manufacturing in the automotive and appliance industries. Scott has extensive experience managing projects focused in the areas of new product introduction, continuous improvement and greenfield startups. His skills in the areas of communication, working with cross functional groups and managing virtual project teams has allowed him to husband complex, resource-intensive budgets for both international and domestic projects. He holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Southern University and a MBA from Tennessee State University.

PMstudy Instructors

Shelly Davis

"Glad to tell you all that I passed today. Good luck all and it was nice meeting you, and Shelly, thanks for the great teaching experience." - Joe Tokash, PMP

Shelly Davis is a talented, results-driven and versatile certified Project Management Professional (PMP), with a record of success in implementations requiring in-depth knowledge and solid experience working with complex cross-platform systems, network architecture, installation, implementation, integration, and administration in local and remote environments. Technically savvy and a quick adopter of emerging technology, she is able to quickly assess and utilize the appropriate response to meet the specific needs of the business requirement at hand. Shelly holds Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems from Peirce College, a Master's in Information Systems and a Master's in Project Management from Keller Graduate School of Management.

PMstudy Instructors

Tammy Minder

"Miracles never cease! Thank you so much for your instruction and patience!! You're the best!" - Heather Corrado

"I passed the exam! I would really like to thank Tammy for all her help." - Jose M Colon

Tammy's background includes more than 15 years in project management. She is a certified SCRUM Master, has a Six Sigma Green Belt and an ITILv3 certification. She has a special interest in Agile and SCRUM methodologies as well as test driven development.

PMstudy Instructors

Tommie L. Sherrill
PMP, ITIL, numerous defense (DAWIA) certifications

"Tommie was great. He showed interest in our success, kept on point, expressed calm and confidence" - William Mulokey, Booz Allen Hamilton

"Tommie 'Rocks' - fantastic instructor, clear, concise, personal, and professional. A fine representative of PMstudy" - Matthew Michaelson, Occam Solutions, Inc.

"Tommie is phenomenal! He has a great ability to relate material to real world." - Elijah Black, U.S. Navy

"Tommie's class was great. He really knows his stuff!" - John Mecham, PHH

Tommie L. Sherrill is currently one of our leading training providers in the Mid-Atlantic region and a current industry executive with a globally recognized consulting firm. He brings perspectives from over 25 years’ experience in various PMO environments in both government and industry. As a retired Army Acquisition Corps officer he has a diverse background, which includes numerous Defense leadership and staff positions in operational, joint, and program/project organizations that have focused on system test and evaluation, research and development activities, and IT services and implementation. Tommie holds a Master's degree in Economics from the University of Oklahoma and holds defense acquisition certifications (DAWIA) in Program Management, Logistics Management, Systems Testing, Information Technology Systems, Systems Engineering, Defense Requirements Management, Contracting, and commercial certifications in Project Management (PMP from the Project Management Institute), ITIL, and Executive Leadership from Cornell University and is and an active member in associations such as PMI, NDIA, and AFCEA.

PMstudy Instructors

Trent Fogg

"Trent is a very experienced and excellent instructor. He gave clear and concise explanations. His presentation was quite dynamic." - Stephane Dubois, Hewlett-Packard

"Trent was very knowledgeable. He provided real-life examples and was flexible. He has great sense of humor." - Shannon King, Red Ant Communications Inc.

"Trent gave us very good tips and tricks. The process chart was a great learning tool." - Stephane Viau, Elections Canada

Trent Fogg has been developing innovative and successful technical and exploration products for the Petroleum industry for over the last 15 years. He has directed major geological studies, exploration analysis software and Geographic Information System (GIS) based consulting tools covering North America and Europe. His success in bringing multi-disciplinary teams together across skill sets and continents has been aided by his understanding and experience with the PMBOK® Guide framework. He has his Master's Certificate in Project Management through York University - Schulich School of Business.

PMstudy Instructors

Jack Ferguson

Jack is a consultant, educator and project manager. He teaches corporate classes in project management to improve productivity of project execution, and to educate those who are candidates for the PMP® exam. Jack also teaches Six Sigma methodologies. He has instructed as a consultant for VMEdu and Six Sigma Scrum Live for the past four years. Jack served as CEO / CFO of Commercial Turbine Services (CTS) / Air Parts Supply (APS) for 22 years. Prior to CTS/APS, he held positions as CFO for Pacific Airmotive Corporation, Burbank Ca. and Controller for Interturbine Los Angeles Ca.

Jack has recently developed and copyrighted an interactive process chart, (ITTO Tool) that assists in the training of applicants for the PMP exam. This tool is utilized extensively during the preparation for the exam.

PMstudy Instructors

Rick Brown

Rick has 30+ years of "hand-on" Project and Program Management experience in both Department of Defense and Aerospace and Technology industry. Between 1998 and 2016, Rick lead IT Projects/Programs with a combined valued between $900 mm-$1 Billion. Significant projects included establishing an On-Premise Data Center and operating "as-a-Service", completing a multi-million dollar enterprise C2/VTC project, based on CISCO/Tandberg architecture, for a four Star DoD activity, and assisting a client in creating an Enterprise Service Desk and adopting an enterprise ITSM/ITIL framework to deliver IT services to their 70,000 employees.

Rick holds a BS degree in Finance and Political Science, an MS Degree in Strategic Intelligence with a major in Intelligence Systems and an MPH with a major in Health Information Systems. In addition to his PMI PMP and PgMP certifications, Rick is also an ITIL Expert and Axelos/EXIN Accredited ITSM/ITL Trainer. Rick is an active member of the North Alabama / Huntsville PMI Chapter.

PMstudy Instructors

* PMstudy has a success rate of 98.7%. This rate indicates that 1.3% of the total classroom students who took our PMP-Prep course have exercised their option for full moneyback guarantee.
PMstudy - Project Management Professional (PMP)® Training
Rating: 3.8 out of 5 ( 39031 votes).

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