Virtual - Training (Boot camp) Benefits

Parameters PMstudy Scrum/Agile Certification Other Scrum Certifications
1. Teaching methodology

PMstudy uses a scientifically proven and highly interactive teaching methodology including role-plays, case studies, and simulations explaining the key Scrum concepts for their Agile and Scrum certification courses. To ensure an enriching learning experience for all our students, each trainer associated with a PMstudy is required to be an accredited SCRUMstudy Certified Trainer (SCT).

Other Scrum certification “workshops” are actually lectures. They are not engaging or interactive and most of the times involve delegates (sometimes more than 50 in a class) hearing an instructor for hours without any structured role plays or case studies.

2. Experienced SCRUMstudy trainers

Any person who is qualified as a PMstudy trainer undergoes a rigorous assessment process and he or she has to exhibit proficiency in the concepts of Scrum and Agile. All trainers are required to successfully pass three SCRUMstudy certification exams before they can be eligible to teach. Moreover, all feedback from students about their respective trainers is reviewed and all our trainers regularly participate in "Train-the-Trainer" sessions, which help them understand the nuances of our certifications and further cement their understanding of the Scrum Framework and Agile Philosophy.

Usually, other Scrum Certifications do not have such strict requirements for trainer accreditation, and thus the quality of their instructors may not be very high.

3. Active Discussions to share and learn

PMstudy engages the Scrum/Agile community through active discussions on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, multiple Discussion Forums and Blogs. The  PMstudy LinkedIn Group is the most active Group for Scrum on LinkedIn. (

Usually, other certification providers do not have such high activity discussion forums to engage their community.

4. Multiple free resources for Scrum & Agile Community

PMstudy provides a wide range of free resources such as 5+ hours of high quality videos, useful case studies, interactive mobile apps, blogs, and articles, thereby contributing to the increased awareness of Scrum in the Scrum and Agile communities.

No other Scrum Certification provides high quality content and free resources to students in multiple formats. The main focus of such certification providers is to get students to their paid classes, rather than help students succeed with best practices.

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